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If you want a little prince or princess, the choice used to be random, now you have more control.  There are tools to help you choose the sex of your baby : the Prince or Princess book.

This review will give you facts about the book you won’t find anywhere else.

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Every baby is a prince or princess, a blessing to the family, and many people think a family is never complete without children. When babies say their first words and when they make their first steps, everything is just so magical.

The joy of the parents is beyond words. Choosing if the child will be a boy or girl has always been out of our control. Now, however, there is a natural way in choosing the gender of your future baby, with the information in this book to help you.

The Woman Behind the Prince or Princess Book -Alicia Pennington

Alicia Pennington and family, the creator of Prince or Princess, which is a guide that helps couples pick the gender of their baby!Working as a midwife for more than a decade, Alicia was able to interview so many women from their pregnancy right through to the birth of their child. However, there was once incident where a mother suffered severe post natal depression after giving birth to a baby girl. Alicia discovered that the mother wanted a baby boy so badly because she already had two daughters. Despite the fact that the mother indeed loves her three daughters, Alicia realized that the mother will always have a yearning for a son.

Alicia started her intensive research about baby gender selection methods, attended courses on pre-conception conducted by reputable doctors and interviewed many people.

At the same time, Alicia and her husband wanted to start a family of their own. They both decided they did not want to take any risks and use their money for the laboratory fees, prescription drugs, treatments and even potentially surgeries. Alicia decided that she would do it in an all natural way.

After careful research and handpicking the best natural ways in gender selection, she applied them to herself.

Nine months later, she gave birth to a baby girl, exactly what she wanted. And since they wanted a boy after, they tried the method again and there came a baby boy! Alicia and her husband couldn’t have been happier, and the Prince or Princess book was born.

The Truth About The Prince or Princess eBook

Prince of Princess by Alicia PenningtonThis book contains an explanation about the things that a couple needs to know in order to have a baby in the gender of their choice. There are three simple steps that should be followed in choosing the gender before conception. First is that the mother must know when she is ovulating because the pH of the woman can affect the gender, if the pH is alkaline the gender of the baby is usually male and if it is acidic, female.

Other things to be considered are the basal body temperature, cervical mucus and the perfect timing for an intercourse. The second step is to adjust the diet so that the environment is ideal for sperm X or Y. The book covers a list of recommended food for the mother to include in her diet. Third is the recommended sexual position that works best to help conceive the desired gender of the baby.

In addition, some lessons learnt from the book are the characteristics of the male sperm and the female sperm, the factors of fertility and how to manipulate it, how vaginal pH levels could affect the gender of the baby and a guide on understanding ovulation and conception. This is a concise and easy to understand e-book that can be read on any device that has an ebook reader like Adobe Acrobat. There is a logical scientific explanation behind everything written.

Additional add ons that come with the book include;

  • These are the Plan My Baby Ultimate Edition
  • A Healthy Pregnancy Guide
  • Breastfeeding Secrets

The success rate of this method developed by Alicia is over 94%. Below are the pros and cons that we found in the review;

The Cons

  •          Could only be purchased online
  •          Some parts of the book are repetitive
  •          A very high success rate is discussed but of course a 100% success rate can’t be guaranteed

The Pros

  •          These are all natural methods – no drugs, surgeries or laboratory testing
  •          The book is written in a simple and concise way that is easy to understand
  •          It is written by an expert on the field, who has used the system herself with success
  •          Can be downloaded in pdf format
  •          Full Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked.

Review Conclusion for Prince or Princess book

Many people would like help when it comes to the gender of their baby and this book helps you plan and do all that is possible even before their baby is conceived.  If all the methods are safe, then there is nothing to lose, and no harm in trying. With the Prince or Princess book, use the help on offer to best determine the gender of your baby.

To get your copy and choose the sex of your baby,

Click here to visit the official Prince or Princess website.

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