Plan My Baby Review – Does It Actually Work?

Do you seek help with baby gender selection?  This Plan My Baby review is written to help you decide if the Plan My Baby System is right for you.

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When you are planning a family its normal for you and your partner to begin thinking of names for your baby even before the pregnancy. In fact it’s great fun thinking of baby names! You start dreaming of the little outfits and the play times you will share with your child.

Sometimes mom and dad differ on their preferred gender of the child, but usually they come to agree whether they prefer a boy or girl to join their family.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t need to guess about the gender or simply hope you have the baby gender you prefer?

Plan My Baby Review – The Good, The Bad, And My Honest Opinion On It’s Effectiveness

This review covers a method that one midwife – Alicia Pennington – developed after she saw one of her patients suffer great sadness and depression at not having the baby in the gender she wanted. Alicia decided then and there that she would do everything she could to learn how to prevent such sadness for parents who didn’t get the baby of their choice.

With 12 years experience as a midwife, she studied various methods, interviewed new parents about things they tried for gender selection, and she attended classes that taught gender selection methods. However rather than simply teaching theories, Alicia used the methods she had learnt and develop them into “Plan My Baby”.  She put to use all the knowledge and methods she had learned that were proven to be successful to plan baby gender.

And was herself successful in having the baby in the gender of her choice.


Alicia Pennington, author of Plan My Baby

Why should you listen to midwife, Alicia Pennington?

Alicia researched and studied methods used all over the world. She interviewed medical professionals and attended classes about gender selection. She also interviewed new parents who had tried methods for gender selection. After reviewing everything she had learnt Alicia pulled together the most effective methods among those that had proven records of success.

One of the main reasons why we think you can trust what she is teaching in Plan My Baby system is that she and her husband used the methods herself when they decided that they wanted to start a family and that they specifically wanted a girl first and then a boy. Her husband was skeptical, but he went along with it figuring they had nothing to lose by trying. Nine months later the happy couple brought into the world a little girl, and following that the little boy they so hoped for. The method worked for her, but she thought that maybe she was just lucky, so she asked her couples to try her methods. Among the 117 couples she worked with, 112 couples did indeed have the gender of their choice by using her method.

What is the Plan My Baby system?

Alicia’s system culls the best of the best among baby gender selection methods that includes understanding how the woman’s body can affect the gender of the baby and how to know when her body is ready to create a specific gender, including how diet can affect this process of gender selection.

The book includes the scientific reasons behind why such methods work. It explains why the ph level in a woman’s vagina affects which gender the baby becomes. You are not given generalizations about the methods; rather, you are given the reasons to try something and what to look for to gain success.

Help with baby gender selection – does it work?

Alicia doesn’t make empty promises, and whilst no system is 100% successful, it should be noted out of the 117 couples Alicia has worked with, 112 had the gender of the baby they desired. That is roughly a 94% success rate, so we think that the chances of here plan working for you are great!

Plan Baby Gender – Bad Points

The only bad points, if you can even call them that, is that the methods Alicia teaches are not totally successful.  Working with your medical team you you should still be prepared to give birth to a baby of either gender. Also, although many people support the methods used, medical professionals are not completely convinced and they prefer to use their more expensive procedures.

Plan Baby Gender – Good Points

Alicia offers her methods in an ebook that is easy to understand. Her system is 100% natural and does not require costly treatments. The price for the book that once cost $111 is now only $47, and it comes with a 60 day no questions asked 100% refund if you are not satisfied her methods will work for you.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Alicia’s Plan My Baby Method?

If you and your partner are planning to start a family soon and the gender of the baby is really important to the both of you, then by all means purchase Alicia’s plan. She has studied the matter extensively and she even used the method herself and experienced 100% success. She then used the method with 117 couples and 112 of those couples also experienced 100% success by using the methods she taught them. If you try her baby gender selection method and follow it to the letter, you too may have the baby of your dreams! All in all, it’s a wonderful outcome regardless.

Hope this plan my baby review was helpful. For more in depth information visit the site below.

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