Yay! I’m Pregnant

Congratulations!   How fabulous!  Well Done!

You’re pregnant, what now?

The moment you find out that you’re expecting; several thoughts run across your mind. While some of you might be overwhelmed with the news, there are others who get extremely anxious wondering what exactly they should be doing next. Pregnancy is indeed a life altering experience, and at this point, it is only natural to be a little mixed up with so many different thoughts. In case you just found out you’re pregnant and are struggling to keep calm, don’t be worried, for the information on this site will help you with your pregnancy and no doubt you will also have a team of caring professionals to support you on this fabulous journey. So whether you’re overjoyed, feeling shocked, or experiencing a mix of both these feelings- we’re here to help you with every single step so that you finally get to enjoy a healthy, hearty and relaxing pregnancy.

Decide When You Want To Break the News

Once you find out that you’re pregnant, your immediate reaction might be to let everybody know. But even if you’re excited, it’s really important to keep your calm. We’d recommend you to wait a little and publicly announce your pregnancy only when you reach the second trimester. While you can always tell your close family and friends, it’s better to wait till the first trimester before you finally break the news to everyone. This saves you from any heartbreak and pain if you suddenly experience something unpleasant. You may also be a private person who wishes to share the news in your own good time, or for work reasons you may wish to delay telling your colleagues.

Figure Out Your Due Date

This is another thing that’ll keep you busy right after you get to know the grand news. While you can always calculate the due date manually, there are also a couple of online websites that can work in your favor. Most of these platforms come with a ‘due date calculator’. So once you enter a couple of simple details, you get an accurate (almost) calculation about your potential due date.pregnant, having a baby

Get In Touch With Your Physician

Once the news of your pregnancy sinks in, schedule an appointment with your general physician. Remember, this is going to be the very first appointment that’ll officially start your antenatal care. On consulting the physician, they will subsequently inform the midwifery department about your pregnancy, who will then give you a date for booking your next appointment. This usually happens when you’re eight to ten weeks pregnant. If you are more proactive you can ask about being introduced to a professional midwife right away. This will help you understand the nuances of the situation better.

Take Care Of Your Health

While a healthy lifestyle is always recommended, when you are expecting a baby this becomes doubly important, because right now, you are living for two people. If you’re just starting out, try to ensure that you get the necessary doses of folic acid, prenatal vitamins (recommended by your physician), proper amounts of sleep; pregnancy-friendly foods, and, a lot of pregnancy-based exercises. If you were allergic to some food or were taking some medication, consult your doctor and confirm whether you’ll be able to continue the medications. Remember, pregnancy is a life-altering transformation, so it’s absolutely necessary to watch every step.

Avoid The No-Nos

No! We’re not asking that you confine your body and mind in a sterile bubble, but there are indeed some things that can be dangerous during pregnancy. You won’t be surprised that this includes items such as alcohol, cigarettes, high doses of caffeine, certain medications, drugs like marijuana, and other toxins. There are also certain foods types that it is not recommended you eat like soft cheese and seafood. In addition, it is also important to prevent yourself from coming under unnecessary stress and/or overtly stressful behavior. You doctor and midwife team cand provide you with advice and help on what you should avoid during your pregnancy.

Handling Your Pre-Pregnancy Symptoms

The very first weeks and months of your pregnancy can be really tough. Whether it’s tiredness or morning sickness, you’ll could be experiencing these and many other feelings during the initial weeks. That being said, these symptoms are extremely common and experienced by almost all women having a baby. You should consult your doctor or midwife to help understand how you can alleviate these symptoms and enjoy a fabulous pregnancy.  Of course, many women will also experience no bad systems and have a boost of energy and positivity. If, however, you do feel that you are experiencing unexpected systems, or that you don’t feel are right make sure you consult your doctor immediately.

In summary

This is a time of life changing circumstances and can be joyous for you and your partner. We hope to provide you with plenty of useful advice and information across our website and that you enjoy a wonderful pregnancy.

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