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get pregnant naturallyHow do I get pregnant naturally? Of course we all know one of the best ways is by practicing regular sexual intercourse!

As you browse through this site, you can discover ways on how to get pregnant at any age, even when you are in your forties, or how to conceive by using natural and safe methods. There are also recommended alternative techniques and strategies that health experts advise to women who struggle in getting pregnant. Additionally you can find out more about the different infertility treatments and other products that may be relevant to your needs.

This site is dedicated for you, and anyone who needs advice on how to conceive and have a pleasant and healthy, pregnancy.


Some factors you an consider include:

  • Timing is everything.  It is  important that you become aware of when you are at your most fertile, and you should consult your doctor and medical team regarding this essential pregnancy factor. Another option is by charting your menstrual cycle. This will make you aware of your ovulation period and the best time to attempt intercourse to become pregnant. Watch out for signs which can help you determine when you are nearing the ovulation period such as an increase in your basal temperature. You may also consider using a fertility monitor or ovulation kit, which can help you become more aware of your most fertile times.
  • Sexual position.  There are many opinions and myths on the best position to conceive or how to lie after intercourse.  However it takes only seconds for the man’s sperm to swim out and get directly into the cervical mucus and thus into the fallopian tubes.   So, don’t get too concerned about position.  Relax, and have some fun – you are more likely to get pregnant if you are relaxed than stressing about the right position.
  • Pregnancy Health. Do your best to ensure you and your partner are both physically healthy since many ailments can lead to fertility issues.  You should try to eliminate the intake of substances that could affect your health such as alcohol, tobacco, and certain medications (always check with your medical adviser before stopping any medications). Women and men who follow a healthy diet and exercise regimes are regularly able to conceive faster, as compared to those who are not particular about their lifestyle choices. Adopting a healthier lifestyle is something you should do ideally at least six months before you start trying to conceive. You should also avoid using lubricants and products that may affect your natural pH levels or the quality of the ejaculated sperm.



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