How much weight gain is normal during pregnancy?

What is a normal weight gain during your pregnancy? Weight gain during pregnancy is a problem for many women. How much weight should you gain during your pregnancy is an important question that needs to be answered correctly and appropriately. Normally you will gain about 26 to 28 pounds, but if you are expecting twins then you will gain around 35 to 40 pounds. It all depends on how you plan your diet and most importantly what you have included in your diet. Make sure that healthy minerals and nutrients are a part of your diet. They will keep you… Continue reading

How to Avoid Pregnancy Weight Gain

How to Avoid Pregnancy Weight Gain. When many women become pregnant, they worry about pregnancy weight gain and how to avoid pregnancy weight gain.  The good news is that there are several ways that you can keep your weight under control while you are pregnant.  Contrary to the popular belief of some expecting women, gaining weight during pregnancy is healthy and natural.  It is important that you do not diet while you are pregnant.  Your baby will need an abundance of nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and other essentials that cannot be obtained when you are on most diets.  There are several… Continue reading

Foods to avoid during pregnancy – Pregnancy Information:

Video Description: foods to avoid during pregnancy. What not to eat during pregnancy and foods you need to eat While pregnant, eating and drinking habits should be altered to increase 500 calories a day, increase servings of dairy, avoid raw meats, avoid large fish, minimize caffeine and eliminate alcohol. Follow a healthy diet and foods to avoid during pregnancy, with helpful information from a certified nurse-midwife in this free video on pregnancy and what not to eat during pregnancy and the foods you need to eat . Video Transcription: You’re pregnant and you’re wondering what you should eat or drink… Continue reading