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Pregnancy is one of the most exciting phases in any woman’s life. Whether you are you are planning to get pregnant, or already expecting your first baby, or your bundle of fun has recently arrived, you will soon realize how fascinating it is to become a mom. You are probably quite eager to get started, hold your precious baby, and give them all the love and care they deserve.   Our three focus areas on BabyPotamus provide lots of help and advice to join you on your journey of motherhood.


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Helping You Get

While you may have prepared yourself for motherhood, there are some challenges that you may encounter in getting pregnant. In fact, some women fail to conceive because of both medical and non medical reasons.  Examples might include fertility matters, both for the mother and father, or they have health issues, or general life style issues that hinder their chances of conception.


Are you having problems getting pregnant?

If you are one of those unfortunate women who experience problems in getting pregnant, and are getting frustrated and desperate you need to apply tried and tested techniques that can increase the likelihood of conceiving. With some research you will be amazed to learn more about the natural methods and practical tips that health experts recommend for women who want to have a safe and pleasant pregnancy.


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Yay, I’m Pregnant – Congratulations, We’re So Happy For You!

Our information for during your pregnancy will help you along this 9 month journey of wonderness.  Some of you will sail through with a healthy and happy pregnancy but others will face some challenges along the way, and we hope our advice and information will help you.




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Baby’s Here – Post Pregnancy Help

Wow it’s happened – your baby has finally been born.  Where did those nine months go?  How amazing for you and your partner, with the arrival of baby comes along many new things to consider and think about, both for your continued well being and also for baby.  We have hints and tips for you including topics such as feeding for both of you bub, and also exercise advice to help you get back into shape. Check out the drop downs form the menu bar above.



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