When Can I Get Pregnant?

When Can I Get Pregnant? may seem an easy question to answer  but it is not always so.

If you want to become pregnant quickly, you may be asking yourself the question “When can I get pregnant”? and wondering what you can do to quickly help this process along.  Becoming pregnant is not as easy as many people believe.  Becoming pregnant is a tricky process that must be timed precisely.  There are several things that you will need to acknowledge in order to find the best days to get pregnant.

When can I get pregnant, Tips for getting pregnant naturally at any ageWhen Can I Get Pregnant?

This million dollar question can be answered by your menstrual cycle.  Depending on your cycle, you will know the best days to get pregnant.  It is important that you realize that there only happen to be a total of 6 days that a woman can become pregnant during one cycle.  A woman can become pregnant 5 days before ovulation takes place, and 12 to 24 house after ovulation has taken place.  These time frames are essential because sperm has the ability to live as long as 5 days within a woman’s body.  If you are trying to become pregnant after ovulation, you only have 24 hours at the most to conceive due to the fact that ovum has a life of 12 to 24 hours.

Average Time to Get Pregnant

The average time to get pregnant will vary from woman to woman.  On average, it will take couples a total average of three months to become pregnant.  If you are looking to fine point the view on your pregnancy meter, there are a few things that you will need to take into consideration.  The older a woman is, the more difficult it will be for her to conceive.  Smoking and drinking are two primary habits that can complicate a woman’s road to pregnancy.  If a woman has any condition that impairs fertility, there could be issues later on down the road.  To get a clearer picture, look at the percent of couples who are trying to conceive.

The Percent of the Facts

30% of couples become pregnant within the first cycle, which is equivalent to a single month.  59% of couples are able to become pregnant within three cycles, which is about three months.  80% of couples who are trying to become pregnant usually become pregnant within 6 cycles, which is equal to 6 months.  85% of couples how are trying to conceive get pregnant within 12 cycles, which is just about one year.  For many couples, they become pregnant within three years.  This time is equal to 36 cycles.  91% of couples fall into this category.  93%, 94%, and 95% of couples are able to conceive within the time of 48 cycles, which is equal to four years.  The average time to get pregnant varies from couple to couple.

First Signs of Pregnancy

The first signs of pregnancy are obvious to some women, and other are only skeptical. There are a few signs that will indicate that you are pregnant.  Keep in mind that some symptoms will be a lot more obvious than others.  You will also need to keep in mind that some pregnancy symptoms will only linger for a few days or weeks while other symptoms stay throughout the entire pregnancy.

Shortness of Breath

Experiencing a shortness of breath is a common symptom that many expecting women experience.  The primary reason you are finding it difficult to catch your breath is due to the fact that your growing baby needs a lot of oxygen.

Tender or Sore Breasts

Tender and sore breasts are yet another sign of pregnancy.  When your body is preparing for the events that are coming the near future, your breasts will get larger over time.  You may notice that the veins on your breasts are more defined.


One early symptom of pregnancy is fatigue.  During the first few months of your pregnancy, you may feel a lot more tired than usual.  Fatigue in this instance is caused by the increasing hormones that are taking place within your body.


Nausea is one of the most common early signs of pregnancy that many women relate to.  Nausea occurs in most expecting women when they are or near 6 weeks pregnant.  Some women experience morning sickness, which has the ability to occur during the noon and the night.

Keep these symptoms and other facts in mind when you are trying to conceive.  These symptoms will be your first signs of pregnancy.  To be absolutely positive, take a pregnancy test and visit your care provider.

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