Weight loss Motivation after Pregnancy

Do you Really Need Weight Loss Motivation after Pregnancy?

Of course that totally depends on how you wish to look!

If you’re looking for that secret method of weight loss motivation – yes you know the one – Dream and all that excess weight will disappear. Ha Ha Ha!

Sorry but that does not happen. Losing Weight after Pregnancy requires lots of work and lots of

Motivation  Motivation  Motivation

Have you ever heard of any woman who was lucky enough to fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes immediately after delivery?  I have never.

Not unless they have utilized a very powerful weight loss motivation program, If there are such women, then they are very lucky since it is so rare.

Weight Loss Motivation

Personally, since my first pregnancy, I have never been lucky enough to immediately fit into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes, well not without the help of a weight loss program. I always need to work hard to get back to normal weight. My motivation to lose weight was to get back to my original size and shape and get back into my favorite clothes

I managed to gain a little tummy (as you do) during my first and second pregnancy and thought that it would shrink back all by itself immediately after the delivery, but I soon realized I was wrong. That’s when my Motivation to lose weight kicked in.

I have heard of extreme cases, and seen, some women who could be considered when looked at to be still pregnant after the delivery of their child due to the huge size of their tummy.

Everybody needs help or motivation to get back to normal, I hope what follows can help you.

Below I have included a few tips that helped  me lose the excess weight and get back to my initial weight and size every time I have undergone a delivery.

Breastfeeding and good eating habits.

Despite being the best way to keep your baby healthy, breastfeeding is also a reliable secure safe way to losing weight after pregnancy . I must confess I wasn’t sure of this method in its initial stages but came to accept it after finding how beneficial to my weight loss it was.

In the beginning, I realized little or no weight loss but this was because of my poor eating habits. I now understand how tempting it can be for mothers to overeat, especially after delivery, but I would advise that you develop a program that will help you avoid consuming too much.

Breastfeeding plays a big role in burning out extra fat since it can only happen when your hormones are working in the correct manner. I learned from my doctor that it takes about 500 calories for milk to be produced during the breastfeeding process.

As a result, there is the tendency to feel hungry after every breastfeeding session like I did. However, if you restrict yourself to eating at specific times and eating healthy nutritious food, you will soon realize how much weight. you can lose. But be patient it does not happen overnight.

Try Teaming up with your Partner as a motivation to lose weight.

I have found it was a lot easier losing weight after pregnancy with the help and involvement of my partner and other family members rather than handling it all on my own.

With team work, Team work, Team work, and the motivation of a group always helps, I found it easier taking part in exercise after pregnancy. Many women agree to the fact that exercises can, at times, be a difficult task since you constantly feel tired and worn out after being pregnant. The more you exercise the better you feel and the easier it gets.

My husband helped me develop a program where we would occasionally give up watching television in the evening and instead go for a walk. We began by taking short walks during the first days and kept building on it as time moved to longer and longer walks.

Drink pure water regularly.

I didn’t know how drinking pure clean water could help, with no extra calories, could be beneficial until I read it on one of the best weight loss websites. It also works for normal weight loss as well as losing pregnancy weight. I have adopted a regime of having a glass of water next to me whenever I am in the house or out and about..

I also ensure that I carry my own bottled water whenever I go out of the house, this helps to avoid the temptation of drinking water that would be certainly filled with calories, i.e.; soft drinks full of sugar and caffeine. Side benefit is that it also saves you some dollars

Eat a lot of fibre and natural fats.

I managed to lose enough body fat after supplementing and changing my cooking fats and oils.

I would recommend that you make more use of olive oil, fish and nuts in your daily diet.

Fruits such as avocados will also provide you with a good deal of the natural fats needed in your body. Natural fats keep you full through a longer period of time and facilitate the process of burning down the unnecessary fats.

Through advice from health experts, I learned how to replace white flour with whole wheat flour which is healthier.

Pregnancy Without Pounds Before And After

This could be YOU

Weight loss after pregnancy is important for every woman especially if you want to slim down and regain your initial shape.

These few pointers have helped me through pregnancies and over time to maintain my shape and I am quite sure that you can utilize them too for your own benefit.

They are tough steps to handle, but with dedication and commitment to yourself I am sure you will slowly pick up and manage the whole process. Proper combination of all these methods will give you the new shape you have desired, by slimming down your tummy.

If you are serious about losing weight after pregnancy research is the key,

Knowing  the what, why, how, were and when is always helpful, one resource that helped me plan and execute my weight loss motivation was a book by Holly Rigsby called Fit Yummy Mummy .

Fit Yummy Mummy ebook Secrets to Weight Loss Motivation.


I would advise you to buy and read this book, you can get it here.





This information is very general and not meant to replace the advice of your professional care giver.

Ashley Tanner writes more informative articles about infertility, pregnancy health, diet and fitness, you can read more of her articles at http://babypotamus.com/fit-yummy-mummy-review

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