Are your pregnancy symptoms NORMAL?

Pregnant Woman

Are your pregnancy symptoms NORMAL? Pregnancy creates changes in your body. With all the changes going on in your body you may find yourself affected in different ways. So with all these changes going on in your body, do you ever find yourself wondering Are your pregnancy symptoms NORMAL? • “Hmmm…is this normal?” • “Is that normal?” • “Should this be happening to my body?” Well, I get HUNDREDS of emails from women who have questions that they just can’t find the answers to, OR that they’re too embarrassed to ask anyone about. Today I’ve dedicated this newsletter to all… Continue reading

How to Avoid Pregnancy Weight Gain

How to Avoid Pregnancy Weight Gain. When many women become pregnant, they worry about pregnancy weight gain and how to avoid pregnancy weight gain.  The good news is that there are several ways that you can keep your weight under control while you are pregnant.  Contrary to the popular belief of some expecting women, gaining weight during pregnancy is healthy and natural.  It is important that you do not diet while you are pregnant.  Your baby will need an abundance of nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and other essentials that cannot be obtained when you are on most diets.  There are several… Continue reading

Getting Pregnant After 40 – Here’s Our Top 10 Tips

Did you know that getting pregnant naturally after 40 CAN be achieved Yes, you can! AND without spending your hard-earned money for high risk surgeries? You can conceive a baby using simple and natural methods. There are times that a seemingly complicated problem needs a simple solution to be solved. Did you know that getting pregnancy after 40 years of age can be achieved easily by a few changes in lifestyle and diet? As a matter of fact, doing so can increase your chances of getting pregnant by 70%! Interested? Then read on further. The path to getting pregnant naturally… Continue reading

Help Trying to Get Pregnant NATURALLY

Fertility problems can become frustrating for couples which lead them to search for help trying to get pregnant naturally. They seek doctor consultations, undergo various treatments, medications and even surgery just to conceive one child. Because of their strong desire to have a baby, a lot women usually do not mind if the procedures are invasive, threatening or painful. What they do not know is that there are better natural remedies for infertility. Diet Tips – for help trying to Get Pregnant Naturally Women who seek help trying to get pregnant naturally often do not realize that their health is… Continue reading