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What not to eat during pregnancy and foods you need to eat

While pregnant, eating and drinking habits should be altered to increase 500 calories a day, increase servings of dairy, avoid raw meats, avoid large fish, minimize caffeine and eliminate alcohol. Follow a healthy diet and foods to avoid during pregnancy, with helpful information from a certified nurse-midwife in this free video on pregnancy and what not to eat during pregnancy and the foods you need to eat


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You’re pregnant and you’re wondering what you should eat or drink or how you do things differently now that you’re pregnant. This is Mavis Schorn, A nurse/midwife and professor at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing.

A healthy diet is – foods you need to eat

Generally, you know what a healthy diet is; a well-balanced diet is what you need to eat in pregnancy. The only thing different, if you’re already eating a well-balanced diet, is you need increase your calories by 500. If all you did was increase your milk or milk products because most women don’t get quite enough of those for pregnancy. You need four servings a day, that can be a small glass of milk, it can be a slice of cheese; it can be a container of yogurt or cottage cheese.

All those, what I’m talking about is a serving, so you have four of those a day. If all you do is increase that, then you’re going to get that 500 extra calories. And do keep in mind that milk can be skimmed; milk does not have to be whole milk. The only difference between all those different percentages of milk is the fat content. If you’re used to whole milk, you might want to try two percent. Go down with one notch at a time, so you can have a little bit less fat and still have the good parts of milk.

What not to eat in pregnancy

And then there are some guidelines about what not to eat in pregnancy, foods to avoid during pregnancy that’s also important to know. You don’t want to eat raw foods, okay? Generally. So, raw fish, the sushi, the sushi bar is your favorite, pick the things that don’t have raw fish in them, until after your pregnancy. Well, meat? So your beef and chicken, you will want cooked all the way through. This is the time for the well-done steak, and fish; I already mentioned sushi, you don’t want it raw; but also consider what kind of fish when it’s cooked.

What not to eat during Pregnancy

The large fish that we have found have been high in mercury; all those big fish like swordfish, tile fish, and ask if you’re not sure when you get it. Now the normal tuna that you get in the can, those are usually okay. If it’s white albacore tuna, that tends to be higher in mercury. So regular, other tunas are okay, albacore no. and the really big fish, not so much. Otherwise fish has a lot of great contents in it so it’s okay to have, once or twice a week.

And some other things to watch are some of the cheeses; the soft cheeses, or unpasteurized cheeses. So that would be things like brie or goat cheese, deli meats; be careful of those. There is a risk of listeriosis in there. So that includes hotdogs, but also those other sliced, like bologna and other things, ham, that you can get from the deli mea. If you have those meat, you like to eat them, the best thing is go and cook them. But you may want to be on the cautious side and not have them at all.

So let’s go and talk about some liquids things and I often get asked about caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant and small amounts of caffeine a day, it’s probably okay. We have and there have been studies that have shown, large quantities of caffeine have been associated with miscarriage. So I would decrease it if you’re a heavy caffeine drinker, once a day is fine. Those cokes that you’re drinking; actually has no good nutritional value in them and they’re very heavy in sugar.

And if you’re a Diet Coke drinker, then the artificial sweeteners as best, we know are safe in pregnancy. But again, you’re getting no nutritional content from that. Another one that really is an important one and that is alcohol.  In years past, we didn’t know too much about alcohol in pregnancy. But now we know it’s really not a safe thing to do in pregnancy, in any amount, because there is not set amount that we know is going to set your particular baby. For one person, it might be one glass of wine a day; for another, it’s a whole lot of several glasses. But who wants to take a chance with their particular baby? So the guideline is no alcohol in pregnancy.

And you may have some special needs. If you’re vegetarian, then you’ll need to talk with your provider about how you want to do deal with your particular diet to get enough protein in pregnancy. If you are overweight, or underweight going into pregnancy, if you’ve had a history of eating disorder or you’re currently battling eating disorder, the very important to discuss with your provider and decide the foods to avoid during pregnancy and the foods you need to eat.

foods to avoid during pregnancy

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foods you need to eat

Learn what foods to avoid during pregnancy and what healthy foods you need to eat.

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Pregnancy Information: How to Get Pregnant Tips

How to Get Pregnant Tips

Video Description: Getting pregnant requires first getting into the best health possible through eating well, getting into a regular fitness routine, eliminating alcohol from the diet and taking folic acid supplements. Prepare the body for getting pregnant with helpful information from a certified nurse-midwife in this free video on pregnancy.


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So you’re wondering about how to get pregnant tips. This is Mavis Schorn, nurse/midwife and a professor at the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing. And I’m going to try to help you with a few tips about that.

If you’re ready to get pregnant, first of all, I really would recommend that you go see a health provider before you’re pregnant. It is an opportunity to really discuss a lot of different things; any medical issues that you have going to pregnancy, any guidance that your provider can give you before then, it can be very helpful.

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Recommended Pregnancy Diet Reading

But you’re ready to get the show on the road so I can tell you this, a couple of things; one is you want to eat healthy. The healthy your body is, the more likely that your body is going to conceive and that your pregnancy is going to go well. So eat healthy, get into a normal exercise routine, you want to begin taking folic acid which is an important nutrient that you need to have to grow a healthy baby; because you don’t know you’re pregnant till you’ve actually been pregnant for a couple of weeks. It’s better to start that before you get pregnant. Easy way to get that is start taking a pre-natal vitamin. There are prenatal vitamins that are over the counter, you don’t need a prescription for them. So go ahead and get started on that.

If you smoke, stop smoking if you can. If you can work on smoking cessation before pregnancy, that will help your pregnancy. But it also helps with conception. Smoking thickens the cervical mucus, making a little bit harder to get pregnant.  It also increases your risk of miscarriage. So if you can do to reduce the amount of smoking that you’re doing or stopping altogether is helpful for your pregnancy. And then alcohol. Alcohol; there’s really no safe amount of alcohol for pregnancy. So it’s a good habit to get into before you ever get pregnant.

More How to Get Pregnant Tips

How to get pregnant tips - a picture of a woman's egg and sperm

Sperm and Egg

Although last thing, it is probably the thing you really wondering about and why you clicked on this particular topic and that is so how do I actually get pregnant? Now, remember that time between your two periods we’re ovulating; we are actually producing an egg is when your time is you’re most fertile. So you need to be producing an egg, number one.

Number two, you have to have the semen or sperm to participate; so you need to have, and I’ll be really specific here, that you need to have, to be the most likely be successful, penis and vagina, sexual intercourse with ejaculation; and you don’t need to do it several times a day. The reality is about every other day is plenty. And if you normally, with your partner have sex every two or three times a week, and you’re a normal and healthy person, regular menstrual cycles, you’re going to probably conceive on your own just doing that. If you want to maximize your chance do it at the time of ovulation and every other day.

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How to get pregnant tips

Information on natural methods about How to get pregnant tips

Getting Pregnant After 40 – Here’s Our Top 10 Tips

Did you know that getting pregnant naturally after 40 CAN be achieved

Yes, you can! AND without spending your hard-earned money for high risk surgeries?

You can conceive a baby using simple and natural methods.

There are times that a seemingly complicated problem needs a simple solution to be solved. Did you know that getting pregnancy after 40 years of age can be achieved easily by a few changes in lifestyle and diet? As a matter of fact, doing so can increase your chances of getting pregnant by 70%! Interested? Then read on further.

The path to getting pregnant naturally after 40 is simply-

Putting your mind, your body, and your spirit into harmony.

Allow them to work together for you. However, a lot of women will find it difficult while some, who understand its essence, are quite able to easily, safely and naturally become pregnant within 2 to 3 months of trying.

If you are one of those ladies who are diagnosed with infertility, then this is the best time to try this holistic approach.

Learn and understand the secrets and ancient techniques to boost fertility. Keep in mind though, that there is no shortcut. You have to follow diligently the steps and the system for it to work for you.

Here are 10 of the most helpful tips for getting pregnant after 40:

Get Pregnant After 40 Tip #1 – Fight Obesity

Obesity can be one of the major reasons why women are having difficulty getting pregnant after 40. A BMI or body mass index value of 34 can decrease a woman’s chance of conceiving. Moreover, studies have shown that overweight women are at greater risk for miscarriage, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, which in turn can lead to medical conditions that may contribute to pregnancy complications.

Obese women usually have hormonal imbalances caused by the fat cells present in the body. Imbalances in the hormones are the main reason why they are having difficulty conceiving. The high levels of estrogen produced by fat cells make it harder to get pregnant. And since our metabolism slows down as we age and gaining weight can be a difficult situation to control, getting pregnant after 40 can be difficult.

Get Pregnant  Tip #2 – Avoid Caffeine

An elderly couple talks about getting pregnant after 40 as they sit on their sofa and drink their coffee.If you think being obese is a BIG factor that contributes to infertility, caffeine is definitely HUGE. Caffeine can dramatically decrease fertility in women, especially if the woman is undergoing fertility treatments. If you really are determined to get pregnant, give up coffee! Start weaning  off it and gradually reduce your intake until you totally stop. Another option is to buy decaffeinated coffee.

However, there are times that not drinking coffee can give you headaches ( withdrawal symptoms). In order to prevent this, make sure you drink a lot of water. Doing so can help alleviate the symptoms.

Get Pregnant After 40 Tip #3 – Being Underweight

If being overweight can hinder you from getting pregnant after 40, the same is true with being underweight. Underweight can prevent you from ovulating. Women who have BMIs less than 18, problems with getting pregnant can be experienced, regardless if they have a regular menstrual period or not.

Get Pregnant Tip #4 – No Smoking

Researches have proven that smoking can also decrease fertility in women and increase the chances of miscarriage, low birth weight and complications in pregnancy. Cessation of smoking can help improve not only her overall health but also the quality of egg cells. It can also increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Get Pregnant After 40 Tip #5 – Relaxation and Prayer

First and foremost, you have to get rid of all the negative vibes in your body by starting to think positively. Learn to relax and free your mind from depressing thoughts. Researches have shown that women suffering from depression are two times more likely to experience difficulty getting pregnant. Remember, a positive attitude is very important in keeping your body functioning optimally.

You also need to set aside a time for prayers. Set a small, quiet room where you can meditate and talk to God. This will help you have a clearer and brighter outlook on your condition.

Be positive and you can get pregnant after 40.

Get Pregnant After 40 Tip #6 – Determine and Practice the Best Time to Have Sex

You cannot get pregnant after 40 if; you do not know, and practice the best time to have sex.  And what is that exactly? That’s every other day between your day 10 and day you’re your menstrual cycle. During these times, your ovulation usually takes place, thus the best time to get pregnant.

Get Pregnant After 40 Tip #7 – Monitor Your Basal Body Temperature

Basal body temperature refers to your body’s temperature when you’re at rest. It increases by approximately 1 degree during ovulation. Getting pregnant after 40 can easily be achieved 2 to 3 days before your temperature rises. Usually, you’ll know you have started ovulating when you noticed that your temperature slightly increased and remains steady for about 3 days.

In order to monitor your basal body temperature, you can use an oral thermometer. Make sure that you take your temperature as you wake up, before you get up on bed. List the recordings on a notebook and observe the changes.

Get Pregnant After 40 Tip #8 – Use Chinese Herbs

There are various Chinese herbs that can help enhance female fertility and aid getting pregnant after 40. In the United States, Chinese herbs are usually in the form of pills, teas, tablets or granules. Although they may look synthetic, the ingredients are actually derived from roots, flowers, leaves, fruits and bark.

These herbs have been known to cure various cases of infertility such as uterine fibroids, amenorrhea, endometriosis, obstruction of the fallopian tubes or absence of ovulation. Depending on the cause, you may be required to take them regularly or periodically. Several women have given their reports that using such method is beneficial and has helped them conquer getting pregnant after 40 within 3 to 6 months of usage.

Read more about using Chinese medicine to get pregnant after 40

Get Pregnant After 40 Tip #9 – Change Your Lifestyle

A 40 year old woman sits on the couch and eats yogurt as she thinks about how to get pregnant.Simple lifestyle change in exercise and in diet can greatly enhance your ability to get pregnant after 40. Women with low body fat may have hormonal imbalances that may cause amenorrhea. The same is true with obese women. The excess fats tend to secrete more estrogen which hinders the union of the egg cell and the sperm.

Get Pregnant After 40 Tip #10 – Reduce Stress

Stress is also one of the major contributory factors of infertility. Proper exercise and meditation can help you lower your stress levels and allow pregnancy. Eating the right kind and amount of food is also important as it can help restore the normal levels of hormones in your body. So, throw all the junk foods you have and switch to a much healthier diet.

Above all, do not limit yourself from fertility treatments and surgeries. Open your horizon to other natural options.

Getting Pregnant After 40 Conclusion

These are just some of the many natural methods of getting pregnant after 40, but if you want to know more then learn more about the Pregnancy Miracle.

Getting pregnant naturally after 40

Help Trying to Get Pregnant NATURALLY

Fertility problems can become frustrating for couples which lead them to search for help trying to get pregnant naturally. They seek doctor consultations, undergo various treatments, medications and even surgery just to conceive one child.

Because of their strong desire to have a baby, a lot women usually do not mind if the procedures are invasive, threatening or painful. What they do not know is that there are better natural remedies for infertility.

Diet Tips – for help trying to Get Pregnant Naturally

A woman who seeks help trying to get pregnant naturally is lying on her husbands chest, dreaming about the baby she wants to have with him.Women who seek help trying to get pregnant naturally often do not realize that their health is the greatest factor that influences their ability to get pregnant.

Be sure to eat foods rich with vitamins and minerals. Avoid eating fried, sugary, junk and caffeine foods. As much as possible, do not eat white flour or animal fats.

A gluten-free diet has enabled women, who previously were diagnosed with infertility, to become pregnant. Stop smoking and avoid being around with smokers is a great help.

Drinking caffeinated drinks can also reduce your fertility. Even one drink a day can prevent you from getting pregnant. Avoid decaffeinated coffee as well as it has been linked to spontaneous abortion. It is suspected that the substance called tannic acid, which is usually found in black tea and coffee is the culprit.

Women who drink alcohol can prevent implantation of the fertilized egg in their womb.

Herbs That Help Trying to Get Pregnant NATURALLY

These are some helpful herbs that can provide help trying to get pregnant naturally:

  • Black Cohosh can help balance the hormones. On the other hand, herbs like dong quai (Chinese angelica), wild yam and false unicorn can increase fertility.
  • With 1 to 2 teaspoons of blessed thistle, add 2 tablespoon of chasteberry, dong quai and false unicorn root to a quart of boiling water. Steep for 15 minutes. Drink 2 to 3 times a day for 4 to 5 days a week.
  • Mixing equal amounts of Siberian ginseng, saw palmetto berries, kelp, licorice root, Sarsparillia root and Damiana leaves to create a tea can help boost fertility.
  • The use of natural progesterone cream has helped many women to get pregnant. An excellent alternative is wild yam which contains a progesterone-like compound. Rub it on the abdomen.
  • If the infertility is caused by high levels of prolactin in the body or ovarian insufficiency, Chasteberry extract may help (175mg to 225 mg daily). Several months may be needed for the Chastberry to restore female balance.

Want More Help trying to get pregnant naturally ?

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