Struggling to Get Pregnant – Female Infertility Problems

Struggling to get pregnant?

Female infertility is probably the main reason. It is generally defined as the failure to conceive a child after a year or more of regular sexual activity during the time of ovulation. Either the woman or the man may be the cause. For men, the usual cause is low sperm count, while for women, it’s often ovulation dysfunction.

A woman who is struggling to get pregnant is cuddling with her man after having sex with him and trying to have healthy babies.Is struggling a permanent thing? No,

The problem of infertility can be reversed, as opposed with sterility which is a more permanent situation. It is estimated that at least 25% of American couples are struggling with infertility and unable to get pregnant. However, determining the exact cause of the problem can be quite difficult.

Generally, 60% of couples conceive within 6 months and 90% within a year. If a couple is under 28 years old, ideally, to get pregnant should not be problem.

Common Causes Why Women Are Struggling To Get Pregnant.

There are Women over 35 years old who are struggling to get pregnant.

Is this affecting you.

This is because age is the greatest risk factor of infertility in women. Aside from age reducing  fertility, it also decreases the chances of successful treatment. Even for a younger woman, a depleted ovarian reserved can naturally reduce fertility.

Other common causes if you’re struggling to get pregnant are:

  • Gynecological problems including tubal damage, endometriosis, cervical mucous defects, oligomenorrhea or amenorrhea, uterine fibroids, etc.
  • Coital infrequency and poor timing
  • History of pelvic infection
  • Irregularities in menstruation
  • Active social history of smoking and alcohol indigestion
  • Current medical condition such as tuberculosis, thyroid and kidney problems
  • Deficiency in one or more nutrients

Some Natural Remedies For any Female Struggling To Get Pregnant Because Of Infertility

As mentioned above, one of the most frequent causes of infertility is the deficiency in one or more nutrients. Therefore, diet modification can help female fertility.

Be sure to include sufficient vitamins and minerals in your diet, and if necessary, digestive aids.

  • High protein diet
  • Essential fatty acids like flaxseed oil (2 to 4 tsp)
  • Vitamin A (carotene)
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Zinc (30mg)
  • Germanium (100mg)
  • CoQ10
  • Folic Acid (5mg)

Women who are struggling to get pregnant should have a daily intake of vitamin E (400IU). For those with irregular or absent menstrual periods, extra vitamin B6 (50mg daily) can help boost fertility.

Selenium deficiency can also lead to female infertility.

Taking more than 1,000mg of Vitamin C daily can reduce fertility in women, whereas increases in men.

Keep in mind that our body is an excellent resilient machine, that if treated right will give us our desired results. Struggling to get pregnant can be a thing of the past if you provide your body what it needs, which is what this Pregnancy Miracle Review will discuss in detail.

Struggling to get pregnant

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