Pregnancy Without Pounds Review: Do Not Buy The Product Unless You Read This!

This Pregnancy Without Pounds review is a “must read” for pregnant Ladies and Mom’s who are interested  in weight loss or weight control during their pregnancy but need an honest third-party opinion before buying this eBook.

This review is written to help you decide for yourself if the Pregnancy Without Pounds eBook really lives up to the hype it has generated, read this review so you can make an intelligent informed decision about how this book will help you avoid weight gain during pregnancy

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About Pregnancy Without Pounds

A slim sexy young woman measuring her waist. She is fit and healthy!This Pregnancy  fitness plan has gained a significant amount of attention from mom’s and ladies across the world who want to know how to exercise during pregnancy. Any woman who has been through the wonderful experience of motherhood will tell you that the euphoria of bringing your very own child into this world can soon be marred by the prospect of immense weight gain, body shape loss and other physical ramifications of conception.

In fact, a whopping 50% of mom’s-to-be develop an abject sense of repulsion towards their own body as a response to pregnancy. Everything from the burgeoning pounds, gained inches, to ungainly stretch marks and cellulite can all dent the self image of even the most confident ladies.

This issue is further compounded by the fact that it can be extremely difficult to lose those pounds after the birth of your child.

So most ladies take to researching pregnancy weight control and and excercise during pregnancy online the moment they find out that they are pregnant. While rummaging through the cyber world, you may have already come across this eBook,

Pregnancy Without Pounds.

This is a photo of Michelle Moss. She is the creator of Pregnancy Without Pounds, which is a guide on how to get pregnant and stay fit at the same time, using all natural methods and techniques.The creator of this fitness package, Michelle Moss claims to have stumbled on the secret’s of minimizing pregnancy weight gain and shedding pounds safely and quickly after child birth.

Features Of This Pregnancy Weight Control System.

Helps to keep those obstinate inches off from trouble spots:

There are some areas in our body which are simply harder to tone. The secret to looking fabulous during and after pregnancy is to control weight gain in these trouble spots.

For instance, it is only natural for your belly to grow as your pregnancy advances but there is no real reason why you should also allow your thighs and hips to bear the brunt of pregnancy excesses.

This e-book, “Pregnancy Without Pounds” offers pertinent information on various body types and the possibilities for  specific area weight gain.

Offers information on core strengthening exercises:

The workout routines in the eBook are segregated into three categories that suit women with varying fitness levels and health conditions. The core training routines not only help you to maintain a toned look but also help prepare your muscles for pregnancy.

Postpartum weight loss help:

This fitness course also offers in depth information on losing weight after your child’s birth, without resorting to unhealthy diet regimens or stringent workout routines that your body may not be ready for.

Insights on preventing cellulite from raising its ugly head:

The dimpled appearance of cellulite can be without a doubt most disconcerting. This is one issue which has to be nipped at the bud. The ten step approach in this program helps women to prevent cellulite from turning into a visible concern.

Teaches you to deal with food cravings:

A lot of women dismiss the weight gain during pregnancy under the pretext that they are supposed to crave for certain food types. As a matter of fact, many even convince themselves that their penchant for calorific food items is attributed to what the baby wants. This could not be further from the truth and Michelle will show you exactly how this mind set can be controlled.

Helps to prevent other varicose veins, pregnancy acne and mood swings:

Yes, this eBook,  will also teach you how to tackle other physical repercussions of the massive hormonal changes in your body like pregnancy acne.

Also, the Book contains advice on preventing varicose veins, sagging breasts and mood swing bouts, which can be a huge pain for your partner.

And It Won’t Cost You a Fortune.

See for your self the benefit of owning this set of books.

Picture of the Pregnancy Without Pounds eBook, which was written by Michelle herself.

The Ultimate Pregnancy Kit from Michelle Moss includes a myriad of products including 4 eBooks:

  • Pregnancy Without Pounds
  • Core Secrets For Pregnancy
  • Mommy Without Pounds
  • Mommy Core Secrets

In addition to this, you will also get:

  • The Pregnancy Weight Gain Chart and Journal (monitor what is happening)
  • Post Pregnancy Exercise Journal
  • Eating Planner ( your guide to correct nourishment)
  • Goal Tracker (keep track of where you’re going)
  • Some delicious recipes for shedding weight after child birth (Tasty recipes)
  • The package is available for a one time bargain payment of $79.85.

What Do Buyers Like About The eBook?

  • Includes different guides for women with varying body types
  • Follows a systematic and planned approach to weight loss
  • Offers tips on controlling food cravings
  • Explains the root cause of cravings which helps to better manage them
  • Provides information on tackling other pregnancy related concerns like sagging breasts, varicose veins, dry skin and stretch marks.
  • Developed by an expert who is a mommy herself
  • Information in the eBook is based on several years of research
  • Lots of ‘before and after’ pictures online that are a testament to the efficacy of the product.
  • 60 day money back guarantee ( a no worry product)

It is imperative to mention that the product follows a 360 degree all round approach that addresses all facet’s of pregnancy and all the nagging issues that women cannot stop brooding over.

The fact that Michelle has over has 15 years of experience in the fitness industry and has been through two pregnancies herself is very comforting to most women who are looking for advice as well as empathy.

What Do Buyers NOT Like About The eBook?

  • You will need to be diligent about following the weight loss and exercise plans.
  • The chapter on preventing cellulite appearance could have been more comprehensive

Our review would be incomplete without stating that the product is a not a “magic pill”.

In other words, there will be no gains without effort. So, the eBook will not work for women who are not committed to the goal of keeping themselves fit. It will not work unless you actually use the information.

Review Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

Yes now it is possible to keep your weight gain minimal throughout the nine months of pregnancy and enjoy this special time of your life, without racking your brain over how you are going to shed those pesky inches.

However, you will need to take action NOW;

If you are serious about maintaining and keeping your weight in a healthy and natural way, Pregnancy Without Pounds will be the perfect product for you.

Find out about foods to avoid during pregnancy, weight gain during pregnancy, exercise during pregnancy, be motivated to become the body you deserve to be.

A before and after shot of an actual customer of Pregnancy Without Pounds shows off her hot, fit body with a giant smile.

A before and after shot of an actual customer of Pregnancy Without Pounds shows off her hot, fit body with a giant smile.


The biggest advantage of investing in the Ultimate Pregnancy Kit is that you get all the tips and advice you need in a single “cover it all” product. Don’t let the thoughts of pregnancy related obesity weigh you down.  Instead, use Pregnancy Without Pounds to be a head-turning Hot Momma!

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