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Get pregnant naturally even with infertility? Is that even possible? Well, if you haven’t heard of it yet, or tried, being told you are infertile doesn’t have to be the end of your dreams. Yes, really, going from infertility to pregnancy is  possible, and getting pregnant can be your dream come true!

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I have included some tips to help you on this page, but the best in depth information you can get comes from a book called Pregnancy Miracle.

Get Pregnant Naturally Tip #1 – Avoid Conventional Treatments

 trying to get pregnant naturally, just like nature intended.Conventional infertility treatments usually involve expensive drugs and invasive surgical procedures which can be painful, threatening and even worsen your condition. As a matter of fact:

  • There are certain infertility drugs that can increase the risk of acquiring ovarian cancer
  • In vitro fertilization can lead to multiple pregnancy which is also considered as a high risk pregnancy
  • In vitro fertilization can cause brain damage to babies

In addition to that, most hormonal and vitamin supplements to boost fertility produce no real results.

On the other hand, Chinese medicine used for infertility treatments to get pregnant, it is 100% natural and 100%safe. Since it does not contain chemicals or any other synthetic ingredients, it won’t produce side effects and therefore won’t harm your body. Couples who have been trying for a long time to conceive a child shouldn’t hesitate to give Chinese Medicine a try.

Tip #2  – Use Chinese Herbs

The use of Chinese herbs to cure female infertility can be traced way back 200 AD. Clinical researches have shown that more than 70% of the total infertility cases can be treated by these medicines and result in pregnancy. It works by boosting the body’s immune system. Some of the most popular herbs are:

Tip #3  – Chasteberry

Also known with its scientific name Vitex agnus castus is one of the ancient Chinese herbs use to treat female infertility. It works by stimulating and normalizing the function of the pituitary gland which is essential in the production of female sex hormones.

Get Pregnant Naturally Tip #4  – Dong Quai

This is a medicinal herb that is used to balance the estrogen’s levels in a woman’s body. Estrogen is a female sex hormones that regulates the menstrual cycle.

Chinese herbs can do a lot to reverse female infertility. Nevertheless, you should know that there is no single herb that can cure the condition. Because infertility is caused by several factors, its cure should be holistic as well. That is why Chinese medicine to get pregnant is a combination of several herbs, mixed together.

There is no magic pill for infertility. The holistic approach is still the best way to overcome the problem. It does not only mean taking a combination of herbs, it also means changes in lifestyle and stress management.

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