Having Difficulty Getting Pregnant? Here Are Some Tips on Getting Pregnant

Having difficulty getting pregnant 

If this is you and you desperately want to have a baby on your own natural efforts, and conventional fertility treatments are not your personal choice, the answer could be Lisa Olsons book “Pregnancy Miracle.

Aside from being expensive, most of the medical treatments have side some effects and may worsen your situation. So instead of taking costly medicines, treatments and high risk surgeries, you can try the natural methods of getting pregnant.

Here’s Some Tips If You’re Having Difficulty Getting Pregnant

Having difficultty getting pregnant, read Lisa Olsons Book

Trying to get pregnant

Having difficulty getting pregnant There are natural ways that you can boost your fertility. This usually involves changing your lifestyle, diet, exercise, managing stress and using ancient Chinese medicines. In addition to that, you can also try these tips to help you with your intercourse and increase your chances on getting pregnant.


Tip #1 – Having Difficulty Getting Pregnant ? – Have Regular Sex

Have sex at least 3 times a week. In order to increase your chances of getting pregnant, it is advisable to have sex during ovulation. This is quite true, however, most of the time, women do not actually ovulate when they think they will. Therefore, increasing the frequency of intercourse is an excellent way to improve your chances.

Tip #2 – Use A Fertility Monitor

Determine your ovulation using fertility monitor or ovulation predictor kit. Fertility kits monitor and records the changes in your female sex hormones particularly luitenizing hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Ovulation predictor kit on the other hand records the level surges of your luitenizing hormone which is occurs before ovulation.

Tip #3 – Charting

Charting is not always effective when planning sex. Most of the time when women monitor their ovulation using their BBT or body basal temperature, they will already have ovulated. Although charting is better than a random night to have sex, using a fertility monitor or ovulation predictor kit is more sensitive, thus more accurate.

Tip #4 – Having Difficulty Getting Pregnant? Enjoy Your Sex Night

Facing the problem of difficulty in getting pregnant, couples can cause themselves a lot of stress, this is not only for your health but also for your marriage as well. And stress can have a very negative effect on your fertility.

As you plan for your intimate night, make sure that it is romantic. You may prepare a candlelit dinner in your room or a sensual massage first. Doing so can help release the tension and alleviate the stress that both you and your partner are facing. Also, experts believe that having an orgasm can increase your chance of getting pregnant. The spasmodic movement during a woman’s orgasm serves as a guide for the sperms into the uterus. A man’s orgasm on the other hand greatly influences the surge of sperm count.


If you are Having problems getting pregnant then Intercourse itself is just one part of the infertility problem. There are several other factors that you should still need to consider in order to reverse if your problem of difficulty getting pregnant. If you want to learn more about these problems and how to overcome them, then check out Lisa Olson Pregnancy Miracle Book. It’s 100% natural, it’s safe and most of all, it’s an effective method if you are having difficulty getting pregnant. Turn your infertility back to fertility and pregnancy with this informative book.

having difficulty getting pregnant

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