Getting Pregnant After 40? Is it Possible?

Getting Pregnant after 40

This is one of the major issues a woman faces. Aside from the advance age, there are several contributory factors that affect female fertility which includes stress, diet, unhealthy lifestyle and certain medical conditions. Due to the complex nature of infertility, there are still unknown factors that even the medical experts are not able to discover.

Infertility is generally referred to as the inability of a woman to conceive a child after 1 year of trying. Situations like this can be really frustrating and can even lead to couple’s separation. No wonder, women getting pregnant after 40 who desperately want to get pregnant experience depression.

It came as no surprise though that the issue of getting pregnant after 40 is now a reachable dream. Many women from different parts of the world are giving their testimonials that regardless of the advanced age and being diagnosed with infertility, it is still possible to get pregnant naturally.



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