Free samples online for new moms and moms-to-be

Many of my BabyPotamus readers have asked me “where can I get FREE Samples Online ?” so I searched the web to put up a page to help you find the quality freebies you want and need.

Here Are Some Free Samples Online For all the New Mothers! 😆

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Some extra helpful information.

Treat Yourself to some Free online Samples .

There’s nothing quite like getting free giveaways, like free baby samples, or samples for the new mother or new father. Free Samples Online is a great way to get what you want for free. Okay, to be fair, nothing’s truly free. Someone’s paying, at the end of the day. But as long as it’s not you, the end result’s the same – and when you have a baby to care for, this is especially true. While most people just suck it up and shell out the cash they need to pay for various products, the more frugal among us have discovered ways to get their hands on relevant baby and personal products for next to nothing (or actually nothing). Here, we’ll go over how this works, and a few places to look for free samples of various baby products, so you can start caring for yourself, even on a budget.

The Idea of Free Online Samples

The basic idea that drives free samples is pretty simple, and fairly intuitive. If you give people samples of your product, they’ll immediately be endeared to it by virtue of the fact that you gave it to them for free; and if they like it, well, extra brownie points. More than that, it gets the product name out there, so you act as free marketing agent, whether you know it or not.
This goes for products of all sorts, and the industry of baby and parent products is no exception – and perhaps it’s even more relevant here, because babies tend to have some very specific and very well defined preferences. If it just so happens that someone’s baby like’s So and So’s formula – well, at least one more baby’s going to be drinking it.
Most important other than just getting free stuff for the sake of getting free stuff is that you’re bound to find something your baby or yourself will like quite a bit, and that’s always nice for everyone involved. A happy baby and parent means a happy caregiver, and a happy baby is a virtue in and of itself.

Getting Free Samples

Actually getting free samples is quite easy, mostly just entering your email address, you can get it done fairly simply. The most reliable way to do this is to call up your favorite baby companies (or go to their website) (or sign up on this page) that offer free products to loyal customers. Signing up in the same way as described above gets you on a list of people that wish to receive information about new baby or personal products, and often, the free baby products themselves. These are the two best ways to get your name out there for the newest baby products, and the easiest way to get your hands on free baby samples.Another option is to go through venders. Target and Wal-Mart are examples of two companies that offer free products to loyal customers quite frequently through Costco and Sam’s Club, respectively. Signing up in the same way as described above gets you on a list of people that wish to receive information about new baby products, and quite often, the baby products themselves.

So there you have it! That’s a list of free samples for moms that I’ve found and when I find more I will update this page, but for now make sure you take advantage of this and click on the links to get your free samples because supplies may not last forever!
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