How to Avoid Pregnancy Weight Gain

How to Avoid Pregnancy Weight Gain.

When many women become pregnant, they worry about pregnancy weight gain and how to avoid pregnancy weight gain.  The good news is that there are several ways that you can keep your weight under control while you are pregnant.  Contrary to the popular belief of some expecting women, gaining weight during pregnancy is healthy and natural.  It is important that you do not diet while you are pregnant.  Your baby will need an abundance of nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and other essentials that cannot be obtained when you are on most diets.  There are several ways that you can monitor your weight gain during pregnancy and maintain it at the correct level while you are pregnant.

How to avoid pregnancy weight gain

Recommended Pregnancy Diet Reading and How to avoid pregnancy weight gain

Acknowledging Your Target Weight Gain Factor

Weight gain during pregnancy is expected, but gaining too much weight can cause many different problems.  If you were a healthy weight before you became pregnant, gaining 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy is a great target weight gain factor.  If you are a woman who is overweight, your target weight gain should only be 15 to 25 total pounds.  If you happen to be under weight, your target weight gain factor should be anywhere between 28 to 40 total pounds.  If you are obese, your target weight gain factor will only be 11 to 20 total pounds. Know what foods to avoid during pregnancy and what foods you can eat.

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Creating a Weekly Diet

Tips for avoiding weight gain during pregnancy

Eating the correct healthy food is essential

When people hear the word diet, they look a little confused.  When you are pregnant, you are not supposed to diet, but when you are creating a pregnancy diet, you are creating a list of foods to avoid during pregnancy, foods that cause weight gain during pregnancy, and foods that promote a healthy pregnancy.  When you create this “diet”, you will need to make sure that you have meals planned for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two to three snacks during the day.  To make sure that you do not gain too much weight during pregnancy, purchase only the groceries that are on your weekly meal plan.  You will need to have a little resistance when you are in the store and not give in to purchasing snacks and candy.

Got Severe Cravings?

It is okay to obey your cravings, but only in moderation.  Cravings are the worst to fight because you feel like you have to have it right then and there, and have a lot of it!  Keep in mind that obeying your cravings is a primary factor of unnecessary weight gain during pregnancy.  Moderation and cravings don’t sound too great together, but in order to avoid pregnancy weight gain, eat a small portion of your favorite craving and save the rest for later.

Letting the Calories Add Up

When you become pregnant, it is a fact that you have to eat more, but many people misunderstand this concept.  In reality, you should only consume 100 to 300 extra calories each day.  The trick here is to start at only 100 extra calories each day, and as your pregnancy progresses, work your way up to 300 extra calories each day.

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

As you may very well be ware, there are a few foods that you should avoid while you are pregnant.  Hopefully, none of your cravings fall into the foods that should be avoided.

Seafood That Contains a High Amount of Mercury

Seafood that is high in mercury should be avoided at all costs.  There is one primary rule that needs to be remembered.  The bigger the fish is, the more mercury it will contain.  A few types of fish that you will need to avoid include:

  • Shark
  • Swordfish
  • Tilefish
  • King mackerel

Although seafood is an awesome source of protein, these are instances that you need to be aware of.  Seafood that you can eat while you are pregnant includes:

  • Crab
  • Shrimp
  • Cod
  • Catfish
  • Light canned tuna
  • Salmon

Unpasteurized Foods

While you are pregnant, you will need to avoid unpasteurized foods.  If you are a fan of soft cheese, make sure that any soft cheese items that you purchase are labeled as pasteurized or labeled as being made with pasteurized milk.  If you do not find these labels, make sure that you avoid:

  • Feta
  • Blue cheese
  • Camembert
  • Brie

Keep in mind that Mexican-style cheeses that include queso blanco, panela, and queso fresco should avoided as well.  These are great factors to keep in mind on how to avoid pregnancy weight gain when you are pregnant and want yourself and your baby to remain healthy through the entire 9 months.

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ho to avoid pregnancy weight gain

Control your weight, Recommended Pregnancy Diet Reading

Foods to avoid during pregnancy – Pregnancy Information:

Video Description: foods to avoid during pregnancy.

What not to eat during pregnancy and foods you need to eat

While pregnant, eating and drinking habits should be altered to increase 500 calories a day, increase servings of dairy, avoid raw meats, avoid large fish, minimize caffeine and eliminate alcohol. Follow a healthy diet and foods to avoid during pregnancy, with helpful information from a certified nurse-midwife in this free video on pregnancy and what not to eat during pregnancy and the foods you need to eat


Video Transcription:

You’re pregnant and you’re wondering what you should eat or drink or how you do things differently now that you’re pregnant. This is Mavis Schorn, A nurse/midwife and professor at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing.

A healthy diet is – foods you need to eat

Generally, you know what a healthy diet is; a well-balanced diet is what you need to eat in pregnancy. The only thing different, if you’re already eating a well-balanced diet, is you need increase your calories by 500. If all you did was increase your milk or milk products because most women don’t get quite enough of those for pregnancy. You need four servings a day, that can be a small glass of milk, it can be a slice of cheese; it can be a container of yogurt or cottage cheese.

All those, what I’m talking about is a serving, so you have four of those a day. If all you do is increase that, then you’re going to get that 500 extra calories. And do keep in mind that milk can be skimmed; milk does not have to be whole milk. The only difference between all those different percentages of milk is the fat content. If you’re used to whole milk, you might want to try two percent. Go down with one notch at a time, so you can have a little bit less fat and still have the good parts of milk.

What not to eat in pregnancy

And then there are some guidelines about what not to eat in pregnancy, foods to avoid during pregnancy that’s also important to know. You don’t want to eat raw foods, okay? Generally. So, raw fish, the sushi, the sushi bar is your favorite, pick the things that don’t have raw fish in them, until after your pregnancy. Well, meat? So your beef and chicken, you will want cooked all the way through. This is the time for the well-done steak, and fish; I already mentioned sushi, you don’t want it raw; but also consider what kind of fish when it’s cooked.

What not to eat during Pregnancy

The large fish that we have found have been high in mercury; all those big fish like swordfish, tile fish, and ask if you’re not sure when you get it. Now the normal tuna that you get in the can, those are usually okay. If it’s white albacore tuna, that tends to be higher in mercury. So regular, other tunas are okay, albacore no. and the really big fish, not so much. Otherwise fish has a lot of great contents in it so it’s okay to have, once or twice a week.

And some other things to watch are some of the cheeses; the soft cheeses, or unpasteurized cheeses. So that would be things like brie or goat cheese, deli meats; be careful of those. There is a risk of listeriosis in there. So that includes hotdogs, but also those other sliced, like bologna and other things, ham, that you can get from the deli mea. If you have those meat, you like to eat them, the best thing is go and cook them. But you may want to be on the cautious side and not have them at all.

So let’s go and talk about some liquids things and I often get asked about caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant and small amounts of caffeine a day, it’s probably okay. We have and there have been studies that have shown, large quantities of caffeine have been associated with miscarriage. So I would decrease it if you’re a heavy caffeine drinker, once a day is fine. Those cokes that you’re drinking; actually has no good nutritional value in them and they’re very heavy in sugar.

And if you’re a Diet Coke drinker, then the artificial sweeteners as best, we know are safe in pregnancy. But again, you’re getting no nutritional content from that. Another one that really is an important one and that is alcohol.  In years past, we didn’t know too much about alcohol in pregnancy. But now we know it’s really not a safe thing to do in pregnancy, in any amount, because there is not set amount that we know is going to set your particular baby. For one person, it might be one glass of wine a day; for another, it’s a whole lot of several glasses. But who wants to take a chance with their particular baby? So the guideline is no alcohol in pregnancy.

And you may have some special needs. If you’re vegetarian, then you’ll need to talk with your provider about how you want to do deal with your particular diet to get enough protein in pregnancy. If you are overweight, or underweight going into pregnancy, if you’ve had a history of eating disorder or you’re currently battling eating disorder, the very important to discuss with your provider and decide the foods to avoid during pregnancy and the foods you need to eat.

foods to avoid during pregnancy

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foods you need to eat

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