Calculate Due Date How to work out your dates

Calculate Due Date.

How to find out when and answer the big question?

 When trying to get pregnant naturally, the most important factor, is to understand the menstrual cycle and be able Calculate Due Date, the timing of ovulation, which leads to the optimum chances of getting impregnated. Usually, ovulation occurs around the fourteenth day, and hence, to get pregnant naturally, a couple should have as much sexual intercourse as possible between the twelfth and the fifteenth day.

Every woman is different, Different women have slightly varying menstrual cycles.Hence, to improve the chances of becoming pregnant, it is imperative to study one’s periods, know your body and what is happening within and calculate exactly when one ovulates.

The calculator on this page can help you work out when you might expect your baby to arrive. This will give you a rough idea. As part of your antenatal care, your midwife should also offer you a dating scan that will give you a more accurate date for the birth of your baby. – you don’t need to know the sex if don’t want to know.

Pregnancy normally lasts from 37 weeks to 42 weeks from the first day of your last period.


To Improve your chances of becoming pregnant, Keep a calendar to calculate your due date.

Keeping a calendar to chart the days is an easy and effective method to determine the right time to have sexual intercourse

Please Use the simple to operate Date Calculators below to assist you Calculate your ovulation dates and to  calculate due date.

When you Calculate due Date

Please remember that your baby will come when it is ready, so this result is an estimate only. Be sure to consult your healthcare provider to determine your correct due date.

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NOTE – This is an estimate only, please consult your professional medical adviser for more more accurate data and information.


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