Babypotamus Baby Shop!

Congratulations! Pregnancy brings with it a world of new items that you will need for you and your baby – those essential items and those you’d just love to have! There is a host of items to help you clothe, bathe and tend for your new and precious baby.

Welcome to the Babypotamus Baby Shop

During pregnancy and when your beautiful baby is born you will find that time becomes very important to you – as you never seem to have enough!  Feeding, bathing and caring for both you and your baby can mean you end up with little or no time for that important task of baby shopping.  So let’s make shopping easy for you 🙂

I had this challenge and found the easiest way to baby shop was to do it on-line from the comfort of my own home, great for in the middle of the night where you can feed your baby and shop at the same time, a great time saver, and better still it’s all delivered to the door, extreme convenience!

Shopping is always fun, even if you are just looking at what is available – its easy to add an item to your wish list or even you gift list.

Have fun shopping and don’t forget to post reviews for the items you love!

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