Baby Gender Selection – Don’t Make These Mistakes

Methods for Baby Gender selection.

There are many types of methods for  baby gender selection that have been made available through the advancement in medical science and technology. Some good some not so good This article will feature some of the most frequent mistakes as well as the most common methods that are being used today.

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Select your Baby Gender

First off, however, it is important to understand, albeit in a few sentences, what gender selection is. Basically,  sex or gender selection is the ability of couples to choose the gender of their child before even getting pregnant.

The methods that are used in selecting the gender of ones baby employ various technological innovations as well as other techniques. The accuracy of your gender selection largely depends on the accuracy of the methods that will be used by the potential parents.

Baby Gender Selection Methods

Selective Abortion – Selective abortion is perhaps one of the most infamous child gender selection methods. By using amniocentesis, mothers can easily find out the gender of their baby. After this, they can decide on whether they will abort the baby or not. This type of baby gender selection technique is very famous in countries where the clutches of male machismo and patriarchy are still very strong.

Ericsson Method – This method, though still not free of certain ethical and humane consideration, is less, well, brutal than selective abortion. This method is done by sorting out female and male producing sperms. It also involves artificial insemination.

Compared to other gender selection methods, this particular methods developed by geneticist Ronald Ericsson during the 1970s, is less invasive and expensive. The only downside is, the Ericsson method yields lower success rate compared to other baby gender selection methods.

MicroSort Method – This gender selection method is unique process that works by sorting out female and male sperm cells through process that is designed to measure DNA differences.  By using intrauterine insemination or IUI, the enriched sperm sample is used to help women conceive a selected baby gender. The success rate of this particular method is far more impressive compared to the Ericsson method. In fact, 92% of those who attempt to conceive a girl  did have what they wanted. The success rate for those who wish to conceive a boy, however, is lower, at 81%, lower than couples who aim for a baby girl.

Some of the Most Common Gender Selection Mistakes

It would take a whole medical treatise to enumerate even the most common mistakes in baby gender selection. This article, however, will merely focus on some of common gender selection errors.

Mistake #1 – Having sex on the day your female partner ovulates.

If you really want to make sure about the specific gender of your child, you have to be absolutely aware of your partners ovulation period. If, for instance, you what to conceive a boy, it is certainly best  to consult an ovulation calculator on the Internet. By doing this and not taking chances, your female partner will have more chances of conceiving a baby boy. This is due to the fact that the race between the Y and the X chromosome can bring more advantage to the male-creating Y chromosome.

Mistake #2 – Paying no attention to the vaginas PH count

If you and your wife are aiming for a boy, it is important to take into considerable account your partner’s vagina PH count. As a rule, an acidic environment is detrimental to the strength of boy-creating Y-chromosomes. In short, it is best to test your partners PH levels first before having an intercourse with her. You can also follow a strict low PH level diet for best results.

Gender Selection Conclusion And Further Information

baby gender selectionAccuracy and effectiveness are the most important aspects that you should look for if you wish to pick the gender of your baby more successfully. It is understood that you should go for methods that bring the highest success rate.

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