Calculate Due Date How to work out your dates

Calculate Due Date. How to find out when and answer the big question?  When trying to get pregnant naturally, the most important factor, is to understand the menstrual cycle and be able Calculate Due Date, the timing of ovulation, which leads to the optimum chances of getting impregnated. Usually, ovulation occurs around the fourteenth day, and hence, to get pregnant naturally, a couple should have as much sexual intercourse as possible between the twelfth and the fifteenth day. Every woman is different, Different women have slightly varying menstrual cycles.Hence, to improve the chances of becoming pregnant, it is imperative to… Continue reading

Free samples online for new moms and moms-to-be

Many of my BabyPotamus readers have asked me “where can I get FREE Samples Online ?” so I searched the web to put up a page to help you find the quality freebies you want and need. Here Are Some Free Samples Online For all the New Mothers! 😆 Click Here to see Free online Samples for your baby. Click Here to see Free Samples online for Fathers and Husbands Treat yourself to a free shopping trip to Macy’s, grab the latest shoes with this $1000 gift card. To Claim your $1000 Macy’s Gift Card Click Here. Free Mascara? Grab… Continue reading

Free Baby Samples List

Many of my BabyPotamus readers have asked me “where can I get quality good FREE Baby Samples?” so I decided to put a page together to help you find your Free Baby Products from quality suppliers. So Here is Your list of quality absolutely Free Baby Samples for you to choose from – All For You and Your Newborn Baby! 😆 1. Johnson Free Samples – Johnson’s Baby Relief Kit This great sample kit is loaded with 7 of the best selling Johnson’s Baby Products. Here’s What’s Included: Johnson’s Soothing Baby Bath. The First Years Hospital. Infant Tylenol Concentrated Drops.… Continue reading